A Ground Source Heat Pump for a Manor House and Cottage in Kent

A Ground Source Heat Pump for a Manor House and Cottage in Kent

Case Study Details

A Ground Source Heat Pump for a Manor House and Cottage

Located in the Kent countryside, the owners of this beautiful Georgian property had the desire to move from the existing oil fired boiler to a new greener alternative. The main house and annex of this substantial size property has been fully refurbished internally but the heating system had not seen improvements for many years. Following discussions with the owners and a detailed heat loss analysis of the property, the decision was made to preserve the grounds of the property and install a 30kW Nibe ground source heat pump with 9 boreholes. To minimise disruption, the boreholes would be located beneath the gravel drive and the plant room would be re-located to the basement of the main house. The annex property, whilst smaller, could also be heated from the single 30kW Three Phase Nibe heat pump by way of a pre-insulated underground pipe. 


Location: Kent

Project Summary

First off, upgrades and a new heating circuit were installed in readiness for the new system, and then new hot water cylinders were installed in both properties to ensure ample hot water would be available 24/7. The decision to have a single heat pump supplying two properties will enable the owner to apply for the Non-Domestic RHI scheme, which allows metered payment to be made for 20 years. Immediately following COVID 19 lockdown, work started on this project with drilling along the front of the property. This was followed by the groundworks and header pipe installation. Finally, our team of engineers prepared the 3 phase electrical supply extension to the new plant location and the equipment was brought in and placed in the basement.


Now complete, the house will boast a highly efficient, renewable heating system for both the main house and annex that will operate for many years to come and will benefit from 20 years of RHI payments. The whole installation is now hardly noticeable from the outside of the property with just a single manhole cover to show.