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Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery (MVHR)

In airtight properties, ventilation might be required for good air quality. MVHR is an energy-efficient way of doing this.

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How it works

In a MVHR system, fresh air from outside is brought into a property and supplied through ductwork to living rooms and bedrooms.

Air is extracted from kitchens and bathrooms and extracted from the property through another set of ductwork.

The flow of supply and extract air comes into thermal contact in the MVHR unit where some of the heat in the extract air is transferred to the supply air.

Good in combination with heat pumps

An MVHR system typically reduces the property heat loss which means that we can sometimes specify a smaller and less expensive heat pump system. A lower heat loss also means that the heat pump will run more efficiently.

Ground source heat pumps can be integrated with the MVHR system with a unit that extract even more thermal energy from the extract air by a final stage of heat exchange between the extract and the heat transfer liquid in the ground collector.

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