A solar PV and a ground source heat pump at a bungalow in Suffolk

A solar PV and a ground source heat pump at a bungalow in Suffolk

Case Study Details

A solar PV and a ground source heat pump at a bungalow in Suffolk

The heat pump is located in a garage and connected to the main house with buried pre-insulated pipes.

After we have installed the heat pump and the underfloor heating, Mr Young instructed us to install a 3.4 kWp solar PV system using 10 all-black panels from LG and an inverter from Solis. A special roof mounting system allowing fixing on to the zinc roof without penetration was used.

Better Planet was contacted by Mr Vaughan Young who had got planning permission to convert a barn on his land to a dwelling. He was interested in finding a heat pump solution in combination with underfloor heating.

As there is plenty of land available, we proposed a ground source heat pump solution with horizontal ground collectors.



Location: Suffolk



As a first step, we always do a room by room heat loss calculation to be able to size the system correctly. The heat losses on the room by room basis are also the basis for a good underfloor heating design.  In this case, the property heat loss was 10.6 kW and we specified:

  • A Nibe F1155-12kW ground source heat pump, single phase, variable speed compressor
  • A 500 litre heat pump cylinder
  • A 40 litre buffer tank
  • 4 x 200 m ground collector loops, laid at a depth of 1.2 meters, 1 meter apart
  • A ground manifold
  • Flow and return pipework connecting the manifold with the heat pump
  • Glycol as required
  • An electric meter as required by MCS
  • MCS certificate and building control notification

The project is eligible for tariff payments from the domestic renewable heat incentive (RHI).


"I was delighted with Better Planets service from project design to completion. Professional and friendly all the way. I am now contemplating to add a passive cooling module to the system to get cooling in the summer.”  says Mr Young.