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Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps

Better Planet was one of the first companies to introduce ground source heat pumps in the UK and we are now the market leader in the South East of England. We offer a full range of heat pumps and associated technologies and take pride in offering our clients honest advice on what is the best solution for their property, both from a technical and financial point of view.

Heat Pumps
Ground Source Heat Pumps

Collects energy from the ground, either by vertical boreholes or horizontal loops

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Water Source Heat Pumps

Collects energy from pipes submerged in water, for instance in a lake, pond, brook, river, moat or canal

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Cooling with Heat Pumps

Heat pumps can provide cooling distributed either through underfloor pipes or fan coil units

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Air Source Heat Pumps

Collects energy from the air outside

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Exhaust Air Heat Pumpss

Extracts heat from the exhaust air of a building

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Multi Source Heat Pumps

Achieve higher efficiency with a system that combines ground source with other source, for instance air or solar.

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For our domestic clients our services normally consist of five steps:
Technical and economical feasibility

While some of our clients know exactly what they want when they contact us, others are exploring different options. We discuss technical and economic feasibility of the various renewable technologies and we make sure that expectations are realistic.

Design, Specification and planning

We need to do a preliminary specification already at quotation stage. This specification is done by the same building services engineer who will do the complete design of your project if you decide to go ahead. For heat pumps, we always do a room by room heat loss calculation required to size the system.

Once the contract is agreed and the deposit is paid, we proceed with the detailed design and produce a Project Planning Pack. This document is intended both for internal use and for you as a client. It is the template our installers have to follow for the installation and it contains schematics, material lists, plant room layouts etc. plus other documents required by MCS and other regulations. As a client you should read this document carefully to make sure that our plans are in line with your expectations.

Supply and installation

The next step is the supply of the kit. Either we bring the material in our vans or delivery is made directly to site.

The equipment is installed by Better Planet’s own installers. Our senior installers have been with us since the start of the company and with hundreds of installations under their belt, they are amongst the most experienced in the country. We don’t use subcontractors except for ground works (heat pumps) and scaffolding (solar PV).

Commissioning and handover

One of our senior installers will commission the installation in line with manufacturer’s recommendations and client’s preferences.

The responsible building services engineer from Better Planet, who has followed the project since the quotation stage, then prepares a comprehensive Handover Pack. This document is your reference for the future containing commissioning certificates, user’s manuals, warranty information etc. Once the system has been up and running for a while, we offer a visit to go through the controls and set up the system in line with your bespoke requirements.

Service and maintenance

Once the installation is handed over we offer:

  • Regular remote “health checks” of the system via internet
  • Service visits if required
  • Free of charge repairs under warranty