Underfloor heating for a manor house in Hertfordshire

Underfloor heating for a manor house in Hertfordshire

Case Study Details

Underfloor heating for a manor house in Hertfordshire

Better Planet was selected to design, supply, install and commission a Ground Source Heat Pump and Underfloor Heating in connection to an ongoing comprehensive renovation of this Manor House in Hertfordshire. Our involvement started with a room by room heat loss calculation allowing us to size the heat pump and design the underfloor heating.

We also carried out a draft EPC allowing us to accurately predict future payments under the domestic RHI scheme. Heat is collected from a field using 1.2 km of 40mm collector pipe. Ground works using a trenching machine subcontracted by Better Planet. The collector pipes are connected to a ground manifold and two 63mm pipes connect the manifold and the plant room. Underfloor Heating throughout the property. A screed system on the ground floor and a dry screed system on first and second floor.

Location: Hertfordshire

Project Summary - Underfloor heating
  • 16mm PERT pipe from Swedish manufacturer LK
  • Manifolds and fittings from Larsson Underfloor
  • Dry Screed boards from Manicor
  • Controls from Heatmiser
Project Summary - Heat Pump
  • A F1345 – 30 kW heat pump from Nibe
  • One 500 litre and one 300 litre heat pump cylinder
  • A 300 litre buffer tank
  • Ground manifold
  • Four ground loops 300 m each 40mm pipe
  • 63mm flow and return
  • Estimated RHI payments over 7 years: £69,271