Architects & Consultants

Architects & Consultants

Our Services are for architects, M&E consultants and property developers.

Whether or not we charge for these services varies from case to case. We work with many architects where we give advice free of charge in the context of an ongoing relation where the architect introduces us to the end client. Such cooperation is beneficial for all parties as we are helping the architect to get on the right track in terms of renewables and we benefit from the introduction to potential new business.

Many architects, M&E consultants and property developers approach Better Planet to benefit from our 15 years of experience of design of heat pump systems and associated technologies.

How we can Help
Feasibility assessments

>Feasibility and suitability of heat pumps and associated technologies for a specific property

>Heat loss calculations to establish the right size system

Pre-design and specification

>Pre-design and specifications for projects going out for tender

Indicative pricing & incentive advice

>Ball park costings at an early stage of a project

>Advice on how to best benefit from government incentives

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