Better Planet was selected to design, supply, install and commission two brine to water heat pumps with a combined thermal output of 70 kW for this castle in Oxfordshire replacing oil heating.
In preparation of the project, Better Planet carried out a room by room heat loss calculation allowing us to advice the client on required upgrades of radiators in some of the rooms given that heat pumps operate with a lower flow temperature than oil boilers. We also carried out a draft EPC making it possible to accurately predict tariff payment under the domestic RHI scheme.
There were three options as to where to place the pipes collecting energy; in the ground, in the moat or in a brook. We recommended using the brook. With moving water surrounding the collector pipes, the average brine temperature will be higher and heat pump efficiency better compared to the other options. Eleven pond mats were placed on the bottom of the brook and connected to a nearby ground manifold. The ground manifold was connected with one flow and one return pipe to the castle via the moat.

Project Specification:

  • One Nibe F1345 – 30 kW heat pump doing domestic hot water and space heating
  • One Nibe F1345 – 40 kW doing space heating
  • 11 pond mats, 32mm pipes
  • One 11-port ground manifold
  • 90mm flow and return pipes
  • A 500 litre heat pump cylinder
  • A 500 litre buffer tank