Why Heat Pumps?

Saving running costs
Although heat pumps use electricity, the running cost is usually significantly lower compared to traditional alternatives. The potential savings depends on several factors such as replaced fuel, age of the replaced boiler, type of heat pump and quality the heating distribution system. Savings can be up to 70% if the heat pump replaces electric storage heaters.

Environment – reduce CO2 emissions
Replacing a gas or oil boiler with a heat pump reduces CO2 emissions and it contributes to fight climate change. The CO2 reduction is even higher if some of the electricity used to run the heat pump is generated by solar PV on site.

Benefit from government incentives
Under the current domestic Renewable Heat Incentive, home owners can collect tariff payments over seven years for a heat pump installation; up to around £34,000 for a ground source installation and up to £11,500 for an air source installation. Commercial properties and systems supporting more than one dwelling can be accredited under the non-domestic Renewable Heat incentives with tariff payments over 20 years. Read more on Domestic RHI or Non-domestic RHI


Green Homes Grant: It will be possible to join the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme after applying for the Green Homes Grant, allowing for grant recipients to have Green Homes Grant funding for the renewable heating system deducted from RHI payments. It is important to note that households are able to claim the Grant for energy efficiency measures both before and after accreditation to the RHI so if you are looking to install insulation as a primary measure you can also claim full RHI for your heat pump system. However, it is not possible to claim a Green Homes Grant voucher for your renewable heating system if you have already applied to the RHI or are receiving RHI payments.Read more


Future proof your property
At some point in the future, it will no longer be possible to heat properties with gas or oil. All such boilers have to be phased out before 2050 according to the government’s climate commitment. A heat pump installation is a long term investment in your property. This is especially true for a ground source heat pump system. The ground collector, boreholes or horizontal loops, will support several generations of heat pumps. It is an energy well with a life similar to that of the property itself.