Renewable Heat Incentive – Tariff Reduction

Planned Tariff Reductions


The government has published a plan for successive reduction of the tariff.

Each Quarter, the up-take is reviewed.

If it is below a first trigger level, tariffs are left unchanged.

If the up-take is between a first and second trigger level, tariffs will be reduced by 10%

If above the second trigger level, tariffs will be reduced by 20%.

The first review date was July 31st 2014, with subsequent reviews each quarter.

The results of the review were published on the August 31st 2104.

When a trigger level is hit, tariffs will be lower for all applications made one month after the publication of the review, i.e. for the July review the tariff will be lower after September 30th  2014.

A tariff reduction only affects people who have not yet made an application. People who successfully submit an application before the reduction takes place will not be affected.

Once you are in the scheme, the payments are guaranteed for 7 years, with a yearly correction for inflation.

Government Review Review Announcement Tariff Drop
January February March  
  April May June  
  July August September  
  October November December

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