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Nibe launches the S-series – a new heat pump generation
April 10, 2020

The heat pump manufacturer Nibe has launched a new generation of heat pumps – the S-series.

The main improvements compared to the previous F-series are on the control side.

Smart home technology

The S-series offers you products filled with smart technology that quickly become a natural part of your smart home.  You can control the S-series directly from your smartphone, as well as run diagnostics remotely. The S-series has support for voice assistants and signals alerts via push-message and email, allowing you to respond quickly.

Maximum comfort

You can control your energy consumption by monitoring your heating and hot water, wherever you are. By processing the weather forecast using GPS location, the S-series offers you the perfect indoor climate in advance. To achieve maximal comfort and minimal energy consumption, the S-series simply adapts the temperature around your daily routines. The S-series offers a new and sleek design with a door you can push to open.

Sustainable technology

The new S-series from NIBE has a user friendly interface for optimal flexibility. You can choose between controlling your heat pump through the wifi-connection or directly on the touchscreen. The connected operating system makes the process easier for both you and your installer.


myUplink is the optimal way of controlling your NIBE S-series heat pump, directly from your smartphone. When you’re connected, you can load real time data, adjust your settings, and supervise your installation process regardless of where you are. It has never been easier to install and maintain a heat pump. With myUplink you can also update the software in order to have a smoother user experience for both you and your installer. By connecting to the free of charge web service IFTTT, you can fully utilise your heat pump with other smart home devices.