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Domestic RHI tariff remains un-changed until March 31st 2021
February 25, 2021

Every quarter, the Government reviews the uptake of the domestic RHI scheme for budget control purposes and the tariffs can be reduced (digressed) if the uptake reaches certain trigger levels. This was not the case in the June review and the tariff will remain the same for new applicants until the next review in September. 

Contact us to discuss your project and how we complete the installation before March 31st to secure current tariffs. 

The current tariffs are:

  • Domestic RHI, Ground and Water Source: 21.16 p/kWh, capped at 30,000kWh/year

  • Domestic RHI, Air Source: 10.85 p/kWh, capped at 20,000kWh/year

  • Non-domestic RHI, Ground and Water Source (up to 100kWth):

    • Tier 1 (first 1,314 operating hours each year): 9.68p/kWh

    • Tier 2 (subsequent operation hours each year): 2.89 p/kWh

  • Non-domestic RHI. Ground and Water Source (over 100 kWth):

    • Tier 1 (first 1,314 operating hours each year): 6.98p/kWh

    • Tier 2 (subsequent operating hours each year): 2.08p/kWh

  • Non-domestic RHI, Air Source: 2.79 p/kWh