Better planet were selected to design, supply and install a brine to water heat pump for the Boat House in Hyde Park.  The thermal energy was collected from the Serpentine Lake by pond mats.  The heating is distributed by underfloor heating.

We were also instructed to modify the installation to include active cooling for the summer months.

In active cooling mode the heat pump operates in reverse and produces cold water, with the excess heat going back to the lake via the pond mats. The cold water is accumulated in a 200 litre buffer tank and the cooling is distributed by three fan coil units.


Technical Summary


Heat Pump :                            Kensa 16kW, three phase

Heating distribution :                Underfloor heating

Collector :                               Three pond mats, each with 300m of 32mm polyethylen pipe.



Cooling Technology :                Heat pump in reverse

Cooling distribution :                 Three fan coil units

Cold water storage :                 200 litre buffer tank