Better Planet was instructed to design, supply and commission a ground source heat pump, for this property in Hertfordshire in connection with a full renovation and extension. As no gas from the grid was available a ground source heat pump was the natural choice.  With limited land available for horizontal ground loops, boreholes were the best option. Like for all our projects involving boreholes, we obtain a geological report from the British Geological Survey detailing the ground conditions. This allows us to determine the correct depth of the boreholes. In this case the heat pump needed to be supported by two boreholes, 113 meters each.

Project summary:

Ground Source Heat Pump

  • A Nibe F1145-12kW ground source heat pump
  • A 300 litre heat pump cylinder
  • A 200 litre buffer tank
  • Two boreholes, 113 meters deep
  • Nibe Uplink allowing remote monitoring through internet
  • Estimated RHI payments: £28,049 over 7 years