Initial contact

The initial contact is often on the phone and we try to establish if an air source heat pump makes sense from a financial and technical point of view. Heat pumps makes sense for most new built projects. For retrofits, heat pumps makes most sense for properties not connected to the gas grid. If you are connected to the gas grid, you should only consider a heat pump if your property is well insulation and you have a heating distribution system allowing you to operated the system with low flow temperatures. This typically means underfloor heating and/or generously sized radiators.

First meeting – feasibility discussion and site assessment

If the initial discussion is promising, we usually meet up with our client on site. We discuss how the Renewable Heat Incentive works, the importance of insulation and a suitable heating distribution system. We also look at possible locations to the heat pump itself and other required units, typically a buffer tank, control unit and hot water cylinder. We assess the heat pump location in relation to neighbours. In some cases, planning permission is required if the heat pump is close to another property. During this meeting we will you a first price indication based on our preliminary assessment.

Detailed site visit to collect information for heat loss calculation, radiator assessment and draft EPC

In order to put you in a position where you can take an informed decision about the project, we need to know the heat loss of the property (so we can specify the right size heat pump), we need to assess the radiators (to identify if you will need any upgrades). We also do a draft EPC which makes it possible to predict tariff payments from the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme. Back in the office, we produce a room by room heat loss report, a radiator assessment and the draft EPC. We charge £200 plus VAT for these reports for domestic properties up to 400 m2.

Quotation, confirmation of the project and design

We draw up a full quotation with detailed information meeting all requirements from the MCS scheme. Once the quotation is accepted, we will issue a deposit invoice. Once the deposit is paid, we start the project design. This results in a Project Planning Pack, a bespoke document outlining all the details of your project; schematics, layouts, material lists etc. Once the design is approved, we agree on installation dates and order the required material.

Installation, commissioning and hand over

An air source heat pump for domestic use is usually installed in a couple of days depending on the complexity of the system. Once installed, we commission the system in line with MCS rules and manufacturer’s recommendations. We explain to you how the system works and we produce a handover pack including all documents you need such as operating manual and MCS certificates. Most of our clients apply for tariff payments under the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme. It is a relatively simple application and we are happy to support you with any information you need.

Operation and service

Once the system is handed over, we support you with any advice and service you require.