Dandridge Mill 002 (GSHP + UFH)Dandridge Mill 004 (GSHP + UFH)

Dandridge Mill 005 (GSHP + UFH)

Dandridge Mill 006 (GSHP + UFH)

Dandridge Mill 007 (GSHP + UFH)

Dandridge Mill 008 (GSHP + UFH)

Dandridge Mill 009 (GSHP + UFH)

Dandridge Mill 014 (GSHP + UFH)

Dandridge Mill 011 (GSHP + UFH)

Dandridge Mill 012 (GSHP + UFH)

Dandridge Mill 013 (GSHP + UFH)

Dandridge Mill 015 (GSHP + UFH)

Dandridge Mill 016 (GSHP + UFH)

Dandridge Mill 017 (GSHP + UFH)

Dandridge Mill 018 (GSHP + UFH)

Dandridge Mill 019 (GSHP + UFH)





Originally a Silk Mill and situated within the beautiful and historic Oxfordshire village of East Hanney, Grade II Listed Dandridge’s Mill has now been sensitively restored in order to create four exclusive, low energy, sophisticated homes that make the most of their idyllic setting. Better Planet was asked to design, deliver and install the heating and hot water system.

 Ground source heat pump

Better Planet designed, installed and commissioned a communal brine to water heat pump system using a collector loop set into the river.  The heating system is a large 46 kW ground source heat pump collecting its energy from four loops with a combined length of 2,000 m. The heat pump provides space heating and hot tap water during.

 Heating distribution system

The heating distribution system in each flat is underfloor heating.  Each flat has it’s own underfloor heating system embedded in concrete screed on the ground floor, and in chip-boards on the other floors. The underfloor system is controlled by Better Planet’s control system with “self learning” thermostats making it possible to retain a preset temperature after a timer period.

 Metering system

Better Planet has installed an innovative monitoring system which has been installed along with the communal heat pump.  The system monitors the use of energy for heating and hot water separately providing information for the management company for billing purposes.  This unique system has been designed and developed by Better Planet and its partners in order to help households manage their energy usage.

 Passive cooling

Passive cooling is provided through the underfloor heating system by means of a heat exchanger linking the underfloor loop with the ground loops.


Heat pump Water  to water, 46 kW twin compressor
Ground source collector 4  river loops, total length 2,000 meter, installed with weights
Hot water preparation 1000 liter hot water tank
Energy Monitoring system Heating and hot water monitored separately
Underfloor heating 1000 m2 underfloor heating system