Following a consultation launched in March 2016, the government is expected to introduce annual heat demand limits for the three dominant technologies in the Domestic RHI:

  • Ground Source Heat Pumps: 30,000 kWh
  • Biomass : 25,000 kWh
  • Air Source Heat Pumps: 20,000 kWh

This means that tariff payments will be capped for many  larger and  medium sized properties. As an example, payments for ground source heat pump will be limited to around £30,000 over 7 years. Currently, many larger properties can be eligible for much higher payments.

These changes, which require parliamentary approval, were originally expected to come into effect in April 2017. However, as a consequence of the recent general election and the fact that the parliament is focusing of Brexit related issues, the process has been delayed.

It has been confirmed the the changes will be made on the 20th September 2017.


The current tariffs are extraordinarily generous, especially for ground source heat pumps.

If you have considered such an installation, you should act now!

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