Castles, Manor Houses and other large old buildings are the biggest beneficiaries of the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme (RHI) for ground and water source heat pumps. We have seen many examples of clients receiving between £75,000 and £125,000 in tariff payments over seven years and it is not unusual that aggregate tariff payments exceed the project cost. As many of these properties do not access gas from the grid, RHI represents a real opportunity to replace oil boilers and LPG fed gas boilers and reduce running costs going forward.

The success of a heat pump installation for big and older properties requires careful preparations. Before we offer a quotation, Better Planet carries out a room by room heat loss calculation which makes it possible to assess if the current central heating system, typically radiators, is adequate on a room by room basis. We also offer a draft EPC making it possible to accurately predict future tariff payments under the domestic RHI scheme.

But time might now be running out for generous support from the government as there is a consultation under way proposing to cap RHI payments to around £25,000 for lager properties for applications made from April 2017. Call us on 0845 6431280 to book a site survey or discuss feasibility.