A 3.8 KWP Solar PV installation in Enfield

A 3.8 KWP Solar PV installation in Enfield

Case Study Details

A 3.8 KWP Solar PV installation in Enfield

Carol from Enfield has been mulling over getting solar PV panels for a long time.

“I have always been interested in solar panels as a way of doing my bit for the environment, but following the drops in the Feed in Tariffs over the last year I had the feeling that I had ‘missed the boat’”

“However, Better Planet made me aware of the significant price drop of the panels, still making it possible to get a great financial return of the investment. I am happy I went with Better Planet. Honest advice, competitive price, solid engineering together with friendly and competent installers makes is very easy to recommend the company to other clients.”

Location: Enfield

Technical Facts
  • Panels: 18 Amerisolar panels 190 Wp
  • Total output: 3.8 kWp
  • Inverter: Eversolar
  • Orientation: South
  • Tilt of panels: 30?
  • Shading: Moderate
  • Predicted annual output: 3,188kWh
  • Annual abated CO2: 1,660 kg
  • Payback: 8 years
  • Incentive (FITs) lifetime:20 years