8KW Air Source Heatpump in Bedfordshire

8KW Air Source Heatpump in Bedfordshire

Case Study Details

8KW Air Source Heatpump in Bedfordshire

Mr West based in Central Bedfordshire lives in a detached 3-bedroom bungalow which was a self build back in 2001. Mr West was in need of replacing his solid fuel boiler due to the maintenance/up keep the system required and because natural gas was not an option he researched the internet to discover air source heat pumps. Mr West contacted Better Planet for a free site visit where we explained the importance of sizing a heat pump correctly and analysing the exiting heating system to ensure the air source heat pump would work correctly and efficiently. This analysis was carried out at Mr West’s property and gave Better Planet the correct information to advise him on the system and any upgrades that were required.

Location: Bedfordshire

Project Summary
  • A heat loss of 5.5 kW at a design outdoor temperature of -2°C.
  • A maximum flow temperature at 50°C to meet RHI eligibility criteria corresponding to a Seasonal Performance Factor of 2.7 and 63% renewable heat.
  • Air Source Heat Pump: Nibe F2040 8kW with an output of 7.1 kW at design temperature
  • A 40 litre buffer tank
  • A 160 litre hot water cylinder
  • Yearly RHI payments (paid over 7 years): £563
  • 7 year parts and labour warranty on NIBE equipment
  • Hot water cylinder covered with a 25 year warranty
Services provided by Better Planet
  • A room by room heat loss calculation as required by MCS
  • Design documented in a Project Planning Pack including
    -Mechanical schematics
    -Wiring Diagrams
    -Location of main components
    -Foundation drawings
  • A review of the heating distribution system – a combination of radiators and under floor heating. This review resulted in a recommendation to upgrade radiators in some of the rooms to make it possible to operate the heat pump at a low flow temperature and maximum efficiency.
  • A draft EPC prior to the installation including an estimate of the kWh’s required for space heating and hot water. This information made it possible to forecast the tariff payments expected from the RHI scheme.
  • A review of noise impact in line with MCS requirements to make sure that the installation was a permitted development.
  • Supply and installation of the heat pump, control unit, buffer tank, hot water cylinder and required plumbing items.
  • Supply and installation of the additional radiators for some of the rooms.
  • Adjustment of the existing under floor installation.
  • A Green Deal Assessment including an EPC, post installation, to demonstrate RHI eligibility.
  • MCS certificate.

The new system is made up of a NIBE F2040 8kW air source heat pump, 160ltr NIBE Titanium Megacoil hot water cylinder, 40ltr NIBE UKV40 buffer tank and a SMO 20 control panel. As Mr West’s property was built in 2001 the cavity walls were filled during the build, but to qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Mr West had to increase his loft insulation to 250mm which helped keep his heat losses to a minimum. Since the heat pump works to a lower flow temperature than the previous system, Better Planet recommended to re-sized some radiators to allow the rooms to achieve the correct room temperatures.


The system is now fully up and running, providing a consistent supply of hot water and comfortable heating. Better Planet carried out an EPC and Green Deal assessment for Mr West to allow him to qualify for the RHI and as Better Planet are VIP installers for NIBE heat pumps we were able to offer Mr West a full 7 year parts and labour warranty for the NIBE equipment.


Owners of an off-grid Bedfordshire bungalow are among the first to successfully apply for the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), after asking Better Planet UK Ltd to swap their solid fuel boiler for a NIBE F2040 air source heat pump package. Click here for the full article.