6 exhaust air heat pumps for flats in west london

6 exhaust air heat pumps for flats in west london

Case Study Details

6 exhaust air heat pumps for flats in west london

Property developer and builder, Simon Burgess, has built a six flat property in Uxbridge, West London. During the process of meeting planning requirements and the Code for Sustainable Homes it became clear that renewables had to be considered. Mr Burgess came to the conclusion that exhaust air heat pumps was the most cost effective way of meeting the requirements. He contacted Nibe, market leading manufacturer of this type of heat pumps and Nibe recommended Better Planet, a VIP Nibe installer with extensive experience of this type of installations.

Location: West London

Services provided by Better Planet
  • A room by room heat loss calculation
  • A review of the design of the heating distribution system (under floor heating)
  • Design of the ducting system, heat pump schematics and wiring
  • Supply and installation of the ducting
  • Supply and installation of the heat pumps
  • Commissioning, testing and handover
Exhaust Air Heat Pumps

This technology uses the thermal energy in the exhaust air in a property with a mechanical ventilation system. Air moves from the bathrooms, kitchen and other areas to the heat pump through a ducting system. A typical installation consists to two “fixes”; a first fix installing the ducting and a second fix installing the heat pumps. The technology requires air tight building with low specific heat losses and is therefore almost exclusively used for new builds.